Phil Lesh & Friends
Albert Park Benefit
| Grate Room, Terrapin Crossroads
| San Rafael California
| Thursday February 22 2018

Phil Lesh, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Danny Click, Chris Gelbuda, Ezra Lipp

Truckin’ CG
China Cat Sunflower DL >
I Know You Rider ALL
Bird Song CG & PL
Reuben and Cherise DL >
He’s Gone CG >
The Other One DC >
New Speedway Boogie CG
Touch Of Grey DL

Albert Park Rap > Donor Rap PL

Encore: Going Down The Road Feeling Bad ALL

This was a benefit show for the Albert Park Playground Redesign coordinated by the B St. Beautification project in San Rafael, California.

Full Show video

higher resolution video of the middle of the set…

Phil Lesh, Ross James, Scott Law, Alex Koford, Chris Gelbuda
Not yet sold out, $25 tickets to support the rebuilding of Albert Park.