38th anniversary of the
Grateful Dead’s
“Shakedown Street”
(Album released November 15, 1978)

Side one

“Good Lovin'” (Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick) — 0:00
“France” (Mickey Hart, Robert Hunter, and Bob Weir) — 4:49
“Shakedown Street” (Jerry Garcia and Hunter) — 8:52
“Serengetti” (Hart and Bill Kreutzmann) — 13:52
“Fire on the Mountain” (Hart and Hunter) — 15:52

Side two

“I Need a Miracle” (John Perry Barlow and Weir) — 19:38
“From the Heart of Me” (Donna Jean Godchaux) — 23:12
“Stagger Lee” (Garcia and Hunter) — 26:35
“All New Minglewood Blues” (Noah Lewis) — 30:01
“If I Had the World to Give” (Garcia and Hunter) — 34:15

2004 reissue bonus tracks

“Good Lovin'” (Alternative version) (Clark and Resnick) — 39:05
“Ollin Arageed” (live at Gizah Sound and Light Theatre in Cairo, Egypt on September 16, 1978) (Hamza El Din) — 44:03
“Fire on the Mountain” (live at Gizah Sound and Light Theatre in Cairo, Egypt on September 16, 1978) — 50:31
“Stagger Lee” (live at Gizah Sound and Light Theatre in Cairo, Egypt on September 15, 1978) — 1:04:12
“All New Minglewood Blues” (live at Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey on November 24, 1978) — 1:10:50


Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia — lead guitar, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux — vocals
Keith Godchaux — keyboards, vocals
Mickey Hart — drums, percussion
Bill Kreutzmann — drums, percussion
Phil Lesh — bass guitar
Bob Weir — guitar, vocals

Additional musicians

Jordan Amarantha — percussion
Lowell George — production; vocals on the studio outtake of “Good Lovin'”
Matthew Kelly — harmonica
Steve Schuster — horn, “From the Heart of Me”

Technical personnel

Brett Cohen — engineering
George Horn – mastering at the Automat, San Francisco
John Kahn – horn arrangements
Bob Matthews — engineering

Reissue personnel

James Austin — production
Jeffrey Boden — mixing assistance
Hugh Brown — art coordination
Billy Candelario — mixing assistance
Reggie Collins — liner notes
Jimmy Edwards — associate production
Sheryl Farber — editorial supervision
Tom Flye — mixing
Joe Gastwirt — mastering, production consultancy
Robert Gatley — mixing assistance
John Hagen — mixing assistance
Robin Hurley — associate production
John Kahn — associate production
Eileen Law — research
David Lemieux — production
Hale Milfgrim — associate production
Robert Minkin — photography
Steve Parish — mixing assistance
Scott Pascucci — associate production
Ed Perlstein — photography
Bruce Polonsky — photography
Ron Rakow — photography
Rip Rense — liner notes
Steven Schuster — horn
Cameron Sears — executive production
Gilbert Shelton — art coordination
Steve Vance — art coordination