Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead sit in together with Midnight North in NYC!
Midnight North, fronted by Phil Lesh’s son Grahame Lesh, had a gig Wednesday night November 4th at SOBs (Sound of Brazil) in NYC, as part of a New York area run of shows for them. It was a good possibility that Phil Lesh would want to sit in with them this week – Phil is in town for 6 shows at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, 3 last weekend, a few days off, and then three more (11/5-11/7). Yesterday it was announced Phil would officially sit in with the band

Bob Weir is in town having just played two Madison Square Garden shows with Dead And Co. Weir had just played with Midnight North a few weeks back in San Francisco, and he had said to the band he had a lot of fun playing with them. DHL sources says he told them he’d try and catch them in NY!

Well surprise – Bob came with guitar in hand… a few songs into Midnight North’s set Bob Weir joined the band!


Midnight North – Grahame Lesh, Elliott Peck, Connor O’Sullivan, Alex Jordan, Alex Koford
W Bob Weir and Phil Lesh
SOBs (Sound of Brazil)
New York, NY

Opening set-
Cosmic Twang
Ross James, Scott Law

Biog Railroad Blues – Grahame Lesh, Alex Koford and Phil Lesh sit in

Midnight North

West LA Fadeaway bw
Looks Like Rain bw

– Phil Lesh joine
Mr. Charlie – ep
Playing In The Band bw
– Bob Weir leaves
Cumberland Blues all
Bird Song pl
– Phil leaves for a bit

– Phil comes back for:
Wind And Roses gl

– Phil rejoins again for
Encore: Unbroken Chain pl

—->Full updated Setlist< ----- Be sure to catch Midnight North at Garcia's after Phil Lesh and Friends Thursday November 5th and Friday November 6th.

Enjoy the show replay below! Included is the opening set by the Cosmic Twang (duo) Ross James and Scott Law. including Phil Lesh on Big Railroad Blues

Pt 1 COsmic Twang, and Midnight North – including Bob Weir and Phil Lesh

Pt. 2 – picks up during Bird Song

Photos by Sweet Judy Google Eyes: