I find this very funny, well executed satire. And the actors do such a good job of it!

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My opinion?

wpid-img_20150114_150518.jpgDeadheadland is SUPER EXCITED for what has been announced. Loved Trey with Furthur at Lockn, and I think he is well suited for the job of playing this music. I do believe his heart is in it, and he certainly has the chops.

I hear that many are disappointed and sorry they feel that way. I hope most can overcome their resistance to the redhead Phish guy, because I think it’s going to be GRATE in Chicago, and I look forward to most of you being there with me!

I honestly feel that each of the band member’s picked Trey because he was probably one guitarist they could all reach consensus on (My opinion, not based on anything I have heard) Phil and Bob and Bill all really like playing with him (Mickey hasn’t done much with him to my memory, but please correct that if I forgot something). And he is not anyone’s “guy” – he’s not from RatDog or Phil and Friends or 7 Wlakers or Mickey Hart Band, etc. OK, he is from Phil and Friends, but not any recent or regular line-up.

I’d also like to venture that:
a) he is an accomplished player that really respects the music, the songs, and Jerry.
b) he is not doing his music.
c) he likely will not sing lead on much, they have Hornsby to handle some of the Jerry song duties along with Phil and Bob.
d) they INTENTIONALLY did not go for any of the known Jerry’s (Stu, John, Jeff etc) but rather went for someone with a unique musical tone that could do the music justice, but not be seen as an impersonation of Jerry.