2014-grateful-dead-meet-up-at-the-movies-560This special movie screening is one night only, tonight, July 17th 2014, at movie theaters nationwide. By the way, Deadheadland’s crew will mostly be seeing the film in San Rafael, California, though we will have reps in Mill Valley as well!

Grateful Dead Beat Club video Preview


A little bit about the Gratedul Dead’s Bremen performance from Dead.net’s Blair Jackson:

4/21/72 Bremen
All that most of the world knows about the city of Bremen in northern Germany is that once upon a time, long ago, there were these four old animals—a cat, a dog, a donkey and a rooster—who left their farms in the countryside and headed towards Bremen, where they hoped to live out their days as musicians. Oh, wait—that didn’t really happen. That’s the old Brothers Grimm fairy tale, The Town Musicians of Bremen. Fast forward. When the Grateful Dead—which included a few cats, a bird and a pig—hit Bremen in the third week of April in ’72, the city was still a destination for traveling musicians, thanks to a popular television program that emanated from there, called Beat-Club.
Beat-Club was Germany’s first major rock ’n’ roll TV show… Read More On Dead.net

Of course Dead Vault meister David Lemieux has much to tell you about the details behind this – including the fact that it is the LAST KNOWN VIDEO of PigPen in performance

Use this link to see where it is playing. http://www.fathomevents.com/#event/grateful-dead-meet-up-at-the-movies-2014