The Terrapin Family Band, with Phil Lesh, played a free show in the bar at Terrapin, their last before they embark on their East Coast run of shows. For a little east coast flavor, they threw in Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” with drummer Alex taking the lead vocals. After a year of seasoning in Marin, the Lesh boys, Grahame and Brian, are ready to take it on the road, along with Ross MOTHERFUCKIN’ James on guitar and steel, and Lesh Sr. will Phil the bass spot!

Highlight’s a rollicking uptempo take on Candyman, Brian Lesh’s sweet Standing on the Moon, and Ross James killing it on Samson!  Phil was thunderous, the bar rocked with his boom, and you can tell how much he loves playing with his boys.   Ross tears it up on guitar throughout.  Grahame gets some really wild guitar sounds, and lays down some great leads too.  Alex is a great drummer, always right on it and locked in with Phil.  This is a real fun band, and they’ve gotten really tight in the last year by playing at Terrapin several times a week, and they’re gonna rock it in NYC next week!

The Terrapin Family Band with Phil Lesh
Grahame Lesh, guitars, vocals
Brian Lesh, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Ross James, guitar, pedal steel, vocals
ALex Koford, drums, vocals
Phil Lesh, bass, vocals

May 29th, 2013
Terrapin Crossroads – Bar Show
San Rafael, Ca

Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodleloo pl
Big Railroad Blues rj
Candyman bl
Squeaky Wheel gl
The Wheel all
Atlantic City ak
Uncle John’s Band all
Standing On The Moon bl
St. Stephen all
Second Hand News gl >
Samson and Delilah rj
Truckin’ gl
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2013-05-29 21.53.04

2013-05-29 21.46.39-3

2013-05-29 21.28.30

2013-05-29 21.12.25-2