Deadheads are concerned for the health and well being of the Grateful Dead’s Ace rhythm guitar player, Bob Weir, after he took a fall on stage during a concert performance  by his band Furthur Thursday night April 25,  at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York.  It was the 9th night in 12 days, concluding the bands sold out run at the theater.   The band ended up completing the show without Weir.   Deadheadland previously reported on these events here.

Confidential reports came in to the Deadheadland offices shortly after the show ended that Weir was fine.  DHL did our best, to convey this message to the community, but we had yet to receive much detail or further information on whether Furthur would continue going further on their Furthur tour, which had one more date, Saturday April 27th (tonight) in Atlantic City.

Reports from the bands guitar player, John Kadlecik were posted online (though later removed) stating that Weir had taken an Ambien, thinking it was a pain killer, and that was the problem.   Meanwhile social media exploded all day, Grateful Dead and Furthur fan groups and pages on Facebook, as well as online boards like ThePhilZone, getting into lengthy threads and SHOUT FESTS over the details.  Many expressed outrage that the band continued playing, while others applauded their show must go on approach.    Opinions covered the gamut, but overall there was a deep concern for Bob and his well being, and several calls for the band to cancel upcoming shows and give him a break.

Bob Weir’s fall garnered much media coverage (Rolling Stone, TMZ, Hidden Track, jambands, JamBase, ABC News), and a widely circulating YouTube video of Bob’s fall during the song “Unbroken Chain” the fans were getting most concerned.  Deadheadland has chosen to not directly share this video, out of respect for Bob and his fans, as it is most disturbing to watch.

Deadheadland does not want to fuel any fires, and while we are striving for honest reporting, we are also fans and friends with the band and Deadhead community at large.   DHL stayed positive, and waited to hear real news, and not spread rumor.

Gratefully, one of our lovely fans, shared a picture of Bob eating dinner, and that brought lots of calm to many a worried mind.

bob weir 4.26.2013 greenwich ct lunchThis  picture was shared on our page by a fan, with these words:
Bobby Weir, alive & WELL right now in Greenwich CT having a nice dinner with some of the boys…  LOVE

Bob was asked how he was doing, he said he is “feeling GOOD!”   We were told he was not bothered by anyone, and was able to enjoy a nice meal.   DHL shared this picture with the community, and everyone was able to give a sigh of relief.

WFurthur Atlantic Citye got final confirmation this morning, via a tweet from Furthur:


Might as well… (~);}