This pictures speaks volumes.   The band completes the show without Bob Weir on stage.

Reports from tonight’s Furthur show were that Bob Weir was having a rough go of it from the start .  This was the 9th show in 12 days, concluding a sold out run at the Capital Theatre in Port Chester NY.  Many Tweets and texts coming form the show said Bobby seemed out of it, and know one knew what was up.  Was he drunk? Was he having a stroke?  During “Me And My Uncle” Bobby barely stumbled through the lyrics…

Further reports in various online forums, including The Phil Zone, and the Fans of Jeff Chimenti reported that crew members AJ and Charucki switched all the setlists onstage prior to the 2nd set beginning, presumably with all songs sung by Weir removed.  Meanwhile DHL sources on the inside reported that “Weir gonna be OK, and Set 2 is about to start”

DHL received a text during the 2nd song of set 2, ‘Eyes Of The World’ saying that Weir was leaning into his amps and didn’t look good.  At one point Charucki and AJ tried to get him to sit in a chair, and then he did eventually sit during “Unbroken Chain”, to cheers from the audience, who at this point most certainly were concerned for Weir’s well being.

At the end of this song, the band all left the stage, and then Phil Lesh and came out a  few minutes later, told the crowd that Bob had suffered a shoulder injury earlier, and had seen  doctor.  He said the band would finish  the set, and they returned for three more songs, without Bob Weir, including “I Know You Rider” which Bob normally sings some of.

Phil Lesh returned for his Donor Rap, and then Jerry Garcia’s daughter, Trixie Garcia came out and spoke about how the bar at the Capital Theater was being renamed Garcia’s Bar, in Jerry’s honor, and that this was always one of his favorite venues.  This is really fun news, though it’s thunder was stolen by the audiences concern for Weir’s well being.

The band returned with an encore, “Built To Last” (full setlist below).

The Band is scheduled to play one more show, Saturday night in Atlantic City; as of now, we assume that show is still on as scheduled.   Furthur then has about 10 days off, until their appearance at Bottle Rock Music Festival on May 9th, in Napa California.

We do not know anything more about Bob Weir’s health, and will share news when we can.

The Deadheadland Community Loves you Bob Weir, and hopes you feel better soon. We are grateful for you. Our landscape would be empty without you around…

Photos shared to give a report of what people saw, and we mean no disrespect to Mr. Weir.
The fans want to know, and we’d rather they get it from us…

Furthur 4/25/13 Capitol Theatre Port Chester NY

Set I
Feel Like A Stranger
Brown Eyed Woman
New Minglewood Blues>
He’s Gone>
Me & My Uncle
Dire Wolf
Masons Children

Set II
Scarlet Begonias>
Eyes Of The World>
Uncle John’s Band>
The Wheel>
Unbroken ChainBob Weir beninghelped off stage by his crew - Furthur 20130425  (3)

__break as BW leaves stage__ band returns and completes without him
Phil: You can see Bob’s having some problems… he hut his shoulder today and had to see the doctor… we’re going to finish the set for you.

Stella Blue>
China Cat>
I Know You Rider

Donor Rap
Trixie Garcia announces rededication to Garcia’s Bar in the Cap

E: Built to Last

setlist scrbe: Erin L. of DHL and FOJC
photos by idolmakerjack, Becky J. of DHL/FOJC, and Sally M-S of DHL

Bob Weir  in chair by idolmakerjack