DwionPlease join us for a very special evening of music, as we celebrate the life of our dear friend Dwion Gates.

Longtime resident of the Bay Area, veteran of the music scene – as both an audience member and part of the crew at many venues – and avid enthusiast of Sequoia National Park where he helped to institute the first ADA accessible picnic area, Dwion’s circle of family and friends stretches far and wide.

He touched the lives of many, is personally responsible for instigating many long-lasting friendships, and his radiance warmed and brightened any space that he was in.

Animating the Sweetwater stage will be a revolving lineup featuring members of Mars Hotel, Grapefruit Ed, The Fall Risk, Ghosts of Electricity, Buffalo Roam, The Bluescasters, and Cubzilla, including Stu Allen, Rich Brodsky, Stacey Erdman, David Gans, Sammy Johnston, Pete Lavezzoli, Pat Nevins, Chuck Rosene, Phil Savell, Cubby Sedgewick, and more!

There will also be a silent auction; proceeds from the event will go into a college trust fund for Graham Gates (Dwion’s son).

Get Tickets: http://sweetwatermusichall.inticketing.com/events/300948 

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/194081300716259/

The event organizers are seeing about recording and possibly streaming of the show for those too far away to attend.  We will keep you posted!