Grate Costumes at Terrapin Crossroads Halloween 2012

Terrapin Crossroads Halloween Bash with Phil Lesh and Friends

1st set – (un)Offical House Band – Ross James, Brian Lesh, Grahame Lesh, Scott Padden.

Mixed set of originals and covers, including “Friend of the Devil”   (I ate dinner, didn’t keep the setlist)

2nd Set
Phil Lesh and Friends featuring Peter Rowan (first time Peter and Phil have played together!)
Rob Barraco, John Molo, Barry Sless

Pulling Devil by the Tail
Fetch Wood, Carry Water
Muleskinner Blues
Midnight Moonlight
The Raven
Land Of The Navajo
(Peter sung and played guitar on all.)

Costume Contest
Most Creative – Adam MacDougall, Chris Robinson and Jackie Greene
Best Grateful Dead – St. Stephen (with a rose)
Best Couple:  Isis and Osirus
Best overall: Reddi Killowatt
Best Ross James Lookalike: Ross James

3rd Set
Phil Lesh and Friends with guest apperances by the (Un)Official House Band
tuning > Spanish-like Jam
Werewolves of London (Rob Barracco)
Halloween Head (?) (Scott Padden)
Monster Mash (Ross James)
Wolfman’s Brother (Phil LEsh)
Roll Out The Barrell jam (inspired by Brian Lesh in liederhosen)
Casey Jones (Brian Lesh)
Highway to Hell (rb)
Wheels On Fire (bl)
New Speedway Boogie (Grahame Lesh) (Grilled cheese is served)
Ghostbusters (bl) >
Scarlet Begonias (gl, rb) >
Fire on the Monutain

Phil said we’ll be bcak in afew minutes, but didn’t realize it was after 1am, so the show was over.