Editor’s Note: Monte had these pictures and setlist ready for us back on Halloween weekend, but we had so much going on, they got lost in the shuffle! Some great pictures, from what looked to be a real fun show. Enjoy them now!  And the Hangtown Halloween Ball returns to Placerville in 2012!

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7 Walkers Hangtown Halloween Ball 10/29/11


Papa Mali & The Grand Pooba

7 Walkers- Bill Kreutzmann







Set List

(For The Love Of)Mr. Okra
King Cotton
He’s Gone
7 Walkers
Lay My Burden Down
Junko Pardner
Death Don’t Have No Mercy
Bird Song
New Speedway Boogie

The band played one set in a festival format. Fun night with costumed dancing girls and Bill Kreutzmann sitting in later that night with Railroad Earth for 2 songs. The band hung around to see George Porter Jr. perform with the Funky Meters. Enjoyed hearing the band play and talk about days gone by. The debut album is fantastic if you don’t know that by now!

Someone asked Bill what drums he brought to play that night. I didn’t bring anything. I think he used Peter Lavezolli’s kit. Did you bring your own cymbals? No, but you can’t blame the equipment anyway. You got to make it happen. That was the closest I have ever been to see him play. He amazed me several times by his ability to reach out and add some sounds at the right moments.

7 Walkers Papa Mali, Bill Kreutzmann, George Porter Jr, Matt Hubbard