Brendan Bayliss – Guitar, vocals
Jake Cinninger – Guitar, vocals
Joel Cummins – Keyboard, piano, vocals
Andy Farag – Percussion
Kris Myers – Drums, vocals
Ryan Stasik – Bass, no vocals

Umphrey’s Mcgee

Harlow’s restaurant and Nightclub


Set One
Nipple Trix > 2nd Self, Dump City, The Linear > Alex’s House,

Robot World > Steppin’ Razor > Mail Package

Set Two
Nothing Too Fancy > Rosanna > “Jimmy Stewart” > Nothing Too Fancy, Uncle Wally > No Comment > Hangover, Utopian Fir

A Fifth of Beethoven, Kimble

Umphrey’s Mcgee came to Sacramento for the first time and played to a sold out show. It seems a good part of the crowd had seen their Fillmore and Reno shows and was continuing on with the band. They were very well versed Umphreaks scattered throughout and they even brought their own signs on paper to tell the band how they were doing during the show. Umphuck yeah indeed!

It was my first Umphrey’s show and I really expected them to play lots of material from the new CD “Death By Stereo”. They played everything but. Covers. Blues, Reggae, and their own musically complex originals. Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger really know their way around the guitar and used almost every guitar technique I can think of. Things are always moving and flowing within the band and the encores were not even on the setlist.

The rhythm section really keeps the band moving too. Andy Faragon’s Percussion and Kris Myers on drums during Robot World was really tight. Kris has some very fast feet. Ryan Stasik seems to feed off of the crowd and along with some great bass lines smiles and laughs along way.

I left feeling like there are more than just hippy jam bands. There is a whole genre of musicians playing their own style of rhythmically complex songs waiting to be discovered. Don’t let Umphrey’s Mcgee slip on by you. Best seen life and up close!