Ed. Note: DHL Photographer Monte Gullo (DHLMonte, Blues4monte) also wrote some notes about the show. Monte also shot the Mickey Hart Band for DHL last August at The Independent, and several of his shots were also featured along with Blair Jackson’s review  on Dead.net)

I got there late and the first song I heard was Starlite Starbrite. I started taking pics and getting a feel for the place. The space was pretty nice. The Colonial theater is a converted movie theater and a good place for a show. Mickey and the band have lots of equipment and they fit in nicely without being cramped.

Endless Skies was next, and is really evolving into a very melodic, dreamy and swaying lyrical number. Tim Hockenberry’s vocal style really stands out well. In the video I shot people do seem to be picking up on the swaying and rocking vibe.

One of the things I noticed was Crystal Monee Hall’s presence on the stage. She really seems to be enjoying herself, smiling and dancing through the songs and singing wonderfully along with Tim and by herself.

SIKIRU ADEPOJU started the lyrics of Who Stole The Show with some wonderful native chanting and singing which brings the singing total to four in this band.

Scarlet/Fire came next and Dave Schools kicked serious bass ass! I have never seen him live before and he is a very active playing, melodic bass player and I left a big fan. Gawain Matthews had some fine guitar playing moments during those songs for sure.

The second set opened with Heartbeat. Mickey gave a nice introduction on how this song is based on the sound the radiation of the sun makes and the sound stars emit. Along with the space samplings, Mickey plays the Beam. Any time that happens it’s a good thing.

Slo Jo Rain and Supersonic were very strong vocal numbers and are very good live. Little bit harder in the rock dept, but nothing compared to the coming of “The Other One”. Dave and Gawain’s style have taken one of the Dead’s hardest rockers a step further down that path. Way more dancing than shooting.

Cut the Deck I have to say falls in to the short term memory loss category because I don’t know what happened. Maybe I took lots of shots then to make up for my dancing/lagging.

GDTRFB/ We Bid You Goodnight is always a success and got the crowd moving as it always does and always will. All with a MHB drum heavy twist. Ian “Inx” Herman is an excellent time keeper and still manages to throw out some drum riffs along the way.

Good way to try and end the night. But then came the encores. Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Wow! To everyone. The groovers, Crystal’s awesome performance, Tim’s trombone, and the band for choosing that one. Hard to choose but that might have been the one that night. Ended with a very good Franklin’s Tower.

The band seems very comfortable and happy. They have changed for the better since the first tour. Tighter, but groovier.