I was lucky to be at Terrapin Crossroads for the 2nd night of the “Casual Opening”, with some good friends, old and new!

It was a thrill, to see many of my favorite musicians, Tim Bluhm and Danny Eisenberg (The Mother Hips). Nicki Bluhm (Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers) sitting in with Grahame and Phil Lesh.  No one was as thrilled as Derren Ney (Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers) when Nicki introduced him to Phil, on stage, and Derren sat in for “You’re no Good”!  And a joy to enjoy the talented guitar and pedal steel of Ross James (Dry Creek Rounders, Blue Light River). Jordan Levine.   Really great mixture fo known and unknown talent…  Nice pick up band!

These opening sets are casual, in the restaurant,(not in the grate Room, where next weeks shows will take place) starting around 8ish.   I talked with Phil Lesh for a minute after the show, and he said “please come back, it’s gonna be something different every night”.   We shared a smile, and I said that was “wonderful, we like it different!”.  Relly nice to get to thave a drink and talk with the musicians at the bar after the set.  Tim seemed really happy about it, and said he had fun, as did Nicki.   And it was great to talk with Derren Ney, who told me what a thrill it was for him, he has listened to the Grateful Dead since he was 10, and was honored that Nicki brought him out to play with Phil!  Ross James was super kind, and thrilled to be there, though he admitted having to learn a bunch of songs fast, he stepped up to the plate like he knew them all.  He is a guitarist to check out, for sure.

Phil Lesh and Friends
Phil Lesh-Bass, Grahame Lesh-Guitar, Tim Bluhm-Guitar (acoustic and electric), Danny  Eisenberg-Keyboards, Ross James-Guitar and Pedal Steel, Jordan Levine-Drums, Nicki Bluhm-Vocals on select songs, Derren Ney-Guitar on “You’re No Good”.

Sugar Magnolia
Samson and Delilah
Bird Song
Deep Elem Blues
Easy WInd
Big River
You’re No Good
Tennessee Jed
Cumberland Blues
The Wheel >
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On the Mountain

Encore: Ripple

Videos and pictures:


Tennessee Jed

You’re No Good

Buckle Up Kids - from Terrapin Crossroads parking lot