Steve Block was a songwriter and guitar player, a BGP security guy, and a roadie for a number of bands, including Zero, the JGB, and David Nelson Band.  He was sweet and loving and truly believed in rock and roll.  He died of a heart attack last year, and a number of musicians are gathering at Slim’s (333 11th St., San Francisco) on January 12, 2012, 8 pm show time, to honor him and raise money for Sweet Relief, a nonprofit which helps musicians with medical expenses.

The musicians include:
“Steve Block Allstars”:  Melvin Seals, Greg Anton, Stu Allen, Robin Sylvester, and guests.

David Nelson Band – David Nelson, Barry Sless, John Molo, Mookie Siegel, Pete Sears.

Act III:  a couple dozen Bay Area musicians who loved Steve, including Patrick Campbell, Mark Karan, Peter Albin, Barry Flast, David Gans, Peter Harris, Inez Garcia, Bill Cutler, Joli Valenti, JC Flyer, Jessica Fierro, Pat Nevins, Steve Farzan, Dore Collier, Willow van den Hoek, Joe New, Steve Shufton, David Perper, Mari Mack, and Bill Laymon.

ASweet Relief splendid time is guaranteed for all.  This will be a magical night of music, with some of Deaheadland’s favorite musician’s, and it’s all for a very good cause.

Tickets available at ($25).  More information on Sweet Relief:

Mark Karan (RatDog,  Jemimah Puddleduck) was at KPFA yesterday performing a few songs and talking about this benefit.  You can listen to the full recording here.  Mark is joined by Stu Allen, and Mike Sugar.

And here is the YouTube video, all about the show on 1/12/12.