Tom Ponds Memorial (poster) - Ashkenaz Berkeley 12.19.11

Tom Ponds passed away on Thanksgiving 2011.

Services were held by his family  in Washington DC  on Saturday  December 3, 2011.

Bay Area Memorial:

Tom Ponds Memorial
Monday December 19, 2011
Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center 7 pm to 10 pm
1317 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, California 94702
(510) 525-5054 ♥

He was part of our tribe, a Deadhead, someone you would see at many a show, Bay Area and beyond.

He was a very sweet and kind soul, a gentle man.  He is already missed.

If there’s a Heart of Gold Band tour goin’ on in Heaven, Tom will be vending on the Golden Road, and Dancing in The Streets.

Recently, several of Tom’s poems from the late 70’s  were shared online, and I re-share them here for the world to enjoy, and to remember and honor the spirit of our brother Tom.
Ride on Tom.