Phillip Savellhere is my completely opinionated review of a show I have not heard (Furthur, Eugene 9.24.2011)

1. Playing in the Band—-off to a good start, I never complain to a Playin opener…..
2. Crazy Fingers…………ok now I’m looking for the visine bottle
3. Big Bad Blues– Great spot for it ( better than trying to shove it into a Alligator Caution jam-); A Good song deserves its own space.
4. Brown Eyed Women —–perfect first set Garcia material
5. Tom Thumbs was great fun in 86 when no one was used to hearing Phil sing
6. Catfish John—TASTEFUL! I hope John sang it.
7. Throwin Stones only picks up steam as years go by.
8. Casey Jones to me is a Novelty song. They didnt play it when I followed them because Jerrys use was more than cartoonlike… so whatever merits this song has the baggage weighs it down for me. Coke doesnt hit my funny bone.

9. Jack Straw… Ok cool
10. Bertha………..still here
11. Estimated…… oh hey I dozed off—you guys say something?
12. Darkstar……. fine time for a nap
13 Caution….. you know that might get lost back there
14. Eleven should jar everyone out of any dreamscape
15. Eyes of The World………. LA LA LA LA LA
16. Black Peter ……Ok I am putting ALL MY CHIPS ON Pete
17. ChinaRider What a great way to wrap this up!

18. One More Saturday Night
I wanna hear BLACK PETER!!!!!
Now I am gonna listen to the show!


>^.^<‘s note: Phil is a good friend of DHL – though his opinions are his own – *and do not nessecarilly represent the opinion of DHL, or most of the people who were at or have listened to this show: .  We thouroughly Enjoyed Phil’s opinion, and look forward to reading some more!