Cuthbert Amphitheater
Eugene Oregon
September 24, 2011

(Archive of this show)

1st Set (listen here: http://ustre.am/:1bo2g  )

Playing In the Band >
Crazy Fingers >
Big Bad Blues >
Brown Eyed Women >
Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues
Catfish John  (first time played)
Throwing Stones >
Casey Jones

2nd Set @wajiii: #furthur Dark Star @furthurband @deadheadland http://post.ly/3M6Bj http://fb.me/Iat54DVW (listen here: http://ustre.am/:1boA8 )

Jack Straw
Estimated Prophet >
Dark Star >
Caution (Do Not Stop On the Tracks) >
The Eleven >
Eyes Of The World  >
Black Peter >
Chin Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider

Donor Wrap

One More Saturday Night

Thanks to @divegal and @lscott and of course @furthurband for all their help! and great pictures from @wajiii