This was the POSTER OF THE DAY a little while back  from Wolfgang’s Vault.

They always got good stuff but this one caught DHL’s eye…

Why? Because we love it!

This is not by M-O-U-S-E though, it is by the late Alton Kelley

December 17, 1982 Pyramid Pins, Garberville
Mickey And The Daylites

Barry Melton-lead guitar, vocals
Mike Hinton-lead guitar
Kathi McDonald-vocals
Merl Saunders-keyboards, vocals
Bobby Vega-bass
(source: Lost Live Dead)

still looking for a setlist or recordings… if anyone has help with that!

Not from the same show, but a pretty awesome video of Mickey and the Daylites circa 1986:
Mickey Hart and the Daylights (Wavy Gravy calls them the Twilights, quite high-larious!)

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