Jay Lane Band Of Brotherz Band Of Brotherz

I had a great time at the Band Of Brotherz show in San Francisco!  There was a rumor of Wier sitting in, and he never made it, but the show was worth it anyway, way fun, and saw some good people too!

Band Of Brotherz  features Jay Lane on drums (Furthur, Ratdog and Band Of BrotherzPrimus)  this Band mixes up some genres, surprises expectations and gets into you and gets you groovin’! Funk and Hip Hop, Reggae and Rock – and lots of grateful vibes.   Be open minded about it, you’ll enjoy it. 

This is not a Dead cover band by any means, but the influence is there, and a number of songs use dead riffs and rhythms.  It feels familiar yet different – and easy to dance with it. 

Uplifting and energizing! Hip hop for hippies!  Positive and unifying and genre defying. 

Three shows this weekend – Ganjapalooza!

The Mint in L.A. Fri Sep 3
Festival of Hope in Visalia on Saturday September 4th
The Central in Santa Monica Sunday September 5th

Band Of Brotherz is:

Zachariah Mose (Ironmonk)
Jay Lane (Jungle Lingo)
Chris Burger (Charlie Bravo)
Gabriel Mcdaniels (Kingpin Rowe)
Michael M Blake (Mystic Mon)








Danceable Groove/ Seamlessly Blending Hip Hop/ Live Instruments/ Samples/ Politics/ Alien Technology/ Raggae/ Revolution/ Bong Hits/ Freedom/ Poetry/ Justice/ Tofu Products/ World Peace.