Greetings to all of Deadheadland!  I hope Jerry week is kind for you.  I don’t think we need to stay sad forever, I don’t think Jerry would want us too… but each year, I take a minute, to remember – because every August 9th, at 4:23am PDT, for Jerry Garcia, some mourning is due.

I have a  new sticker I would like to offer to you for free – or if you can, please make a donation to help me keep this site going.


for a free sticker please send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (#10 size)
Deadheadland – Jerry Week Sticker
POB 2222
Venice CA 90294

If you can include a donation towards running DHL, awesome, this site costs me a lot to run, and I am running low on funding for it.  A dollar helps.  $5 is awesome! $100 makes you a rock star! 

But, if you just love Jerry, and want the sticker, send the SASE and I’ll send you one for free!

If you prefer to donate a few dollars via Paypal instead, use the donation link in the upper right of the site.

Thank you – to all the fans of DeadHeadLand – I love you and your kind vibe.

and mostly – thank you JERRY!  Forever in the patchwork quilt of my soul.