Phish appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 5/14/2010

The show is doing Rolling Stones Week, and as part of that, Phish performed The Stones song “Loving Cup ”, which has been part of their repertoire for many years.

Really great song, so many classic lines from one song… Jaggers/Richards  masterpiece!  Their lyrics  are often brilliant, and underrated.  they get upstaged usually by Mick and Keith themselves. 

“What a beautiful buzz”

“I’m the man who brings you roses, when you ain’t got none”

“I would love to spill the beans with you till dawn”

“Give me little drink from your loving cup
Just one drink and I’ll fall down drunk”

Last October 31, as part of Phish Festival 8, the band played the Rolling Stones performing Exile On Main Street  (the album “Loving Cup” is from) as their musical Halloween Costume. 

Much of this set was also part of their recent theatrical release Phish 3D.   Here is the “Loving Cup” from the film (sorry it is not in 3D here!)