imageHappy 4/20! 

Today is the day Crimson, White & Indigo: July 7 1989 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia (3CD/1DVD) is released.  It is also the lastCrimson White and Indigo day to get to see a screening of it in a theater. 

  I saw it last week in a theater and it was great fun.   Of course, anytime you pile into a car with friends, drive to an event and see more friends…well it should be fun.  Add in the chance to get to see Jerry for 3  hours, how can you go wrong?

This is not the best show ever, but there was nothing wrong with it. A very solid show from that era, with a couple of extra highlights.  Did I mention you get to see Jerry for 3 hours?  On a big screen too, and he seemed to be having a good time.  He smiles a lot, and other little moments are priceless. 

CIMG0487Better views than being in the front row, or even watching the screens during a show, the dark theater forced a more internal viewing – like watching a movie.   

Sitting in a movie theater with my friends, we all dug it a lot, though we only stood and danced a little…  mostly we watched, intensely.  It was very meditative… focused on the story on the screen.  The plot to this movie was the set list.  I could have memorized it before the film, but didn’t.  So we actually guessed at what was next, and got to be in the moment with the music.  And I won’t give it all to you here… you can look at it on the DVD or not – I like to listen without being too aware what is next – be in the musical moment.

We were all thrilled when we heard the first bomp bomp of “Blow Away”.  One of the big highlights of this film is that you see a lot of Brent too.  We cheered!  You will too, it is a powerful version.  Brent is great throughout the show.  And we all realized how much we miss him too. 

The production was straightforward, no trippy visuals, just great music, and lots of great views of the boys.  I wish there was more audience shots, I love to see us.  And we all wished the theater played it louder – I swear Avatar (the last movie I saw)  was three times as loud!  The sound mix was good, it just needed more volume.  I can fix that at home.

One recommendation – watch it with some friends, it always makes it better!

Crimson, White & Indigo: July 7 1989 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia (3CD/1DVD) is available today,  from and other retail sources.

Amazon has the best price, it has been fluctuating, but it is nearly $10 off (last I looked) and free shipping.

Here are a few Audio and Video samples from Rhino:

Ramble On Rose / Let It Grow / Fire On the Mountain Windows Media

Ramble On Rose / Let It Grow / Fire On the Mountain QuickTime