here is more video that has surfaced from 3/20/2010 at the 2AM Club.   After we first reported this gig, members of The Healer Trio, Michael Healy, Patrick Mundy, and Jim Talley, checked in and left comments;  reprinted here in case you missed them the first time around….
  Please check out the links to their sites to learn about the Healer Trio and projects too. 

Michael Healy 

Guitar player from The Healer Trio checking in here, it was truly an honor to play with one of the great ones in music history, a magical night, we will certainly provide you with links to the better recordings and vids as they become available. I want to thank keyboard wizard Jim Talley ( for also being there with us as a guest that night. You can hear the music of The Healer Trio at and at
Thanks again Bobby!

Patrick Mundy 

Healer Trio drummer Pat here – just want to be on public record as being immensely grateful for getting to be in the right place in the right time so as to be a part of TH3 on a night that will forever be remembered by the band as “The Night Bobby Sat In” – yes, we got a few smiles out of him, and he was incredibly gracious and a joy to play with – we were amazed at how long he hung in there with a crew of guys he’s never even met before. Were we intimidated? I suppose we should have been – given all the amazing things Bob Weir’s done in his career, and just how phenomenal of a musician that he is, but somehow his graceful presence defused such things. I, for one, was simply having way too much fun to be intimidated. Though I also confess I still am having a hard time believing it all happened, and also wondering why I was NOT as nervous as I had expected /to be and by all rights should have been.

2am Club Owner/former-owner Steve was also “Sitting In” (singing) for that one number (Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door) – it was his one request to come up and do that song with Bob… my apologies to all who hear this track for the (lack of) balance – we struggled mightily to adjust the vocal mix in the house, but we had no sound man to help, and so it’s clear that our interpretation of the various mixed info we got from some folks in the crowd was not the best – the keyboards and the mic Steve was using on that number were ultimately much hotter in the house than the lead vocal mic – at least on this clip. There was another recording made, taking all the vocals and keyboard signals before they got to our PA, perhaps that person will post some better mixes of the tunes in due time.

Jim Talley 

Hi,  It’s Jim Talley, the very fortunate guest keyboardist with the Healer Trio the night Bob Weir played at the 2am club (03/20/10) checking in…..being a Deadhead most of my life as well as a life long pianist/keyboardist (since age four)…. this night was a thrill a minute for me….
I was recruited to assist the Healer trio for this night and contributed my knowledge of Bobby covers and Grateful Dead style playing in general….we all had a great time and I do apologize if the sound mix was less than stellar…unfortunately, we had no sound man that night to adjust the sound…. but it did seem like the crowd and Bob enjoyed the show and the uniqueness of the situation….
I’d like to thank my friends Mike Healy, Mike Stecher and Pat Mundy from the Healer Trio for bringing me in for this unforgettable night….also I’d like to thank my good friend Betty Cantor-Jackson of Grateful Dead soundboard/recording/mixing fame (the “Betty boards”)for showing up and texting ace keyboardist Mitch Stein about the show who also showed up in the audience….and also I’d like to thank another one of my idols, Bonnie Raitt, who not only showed up but spent most of our set with Bob standing right next to my keyboards…..Bonnie, love you and thanks for checking me out!
This night was a dream come true for me and somehow I don’t think that it will be the end but really the beginning of my dreams to jam with Bob and Phil and Billy and Mickey…..Furthur on down the road!….
You can check out my jazzy world groovish jam band “Tres (pronounced ‘Trey’) Mojo” @ or our myspace @…. this is a very eclectic band that does original songs by yours truly and features the superlative bass playing of Michael Ray who has worked with Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker, Tito Puente, Rikki Lee Jones, Jimmy Smith and a host of others….check us out and come see us live around the Bay Area! Cheers, Jim Talley