Tom Constanten

If you know Tom Constanten , then you know the place inside you where his keys tickle your spine.    And if you don’t know who he is, I bet you’ve been tickled anyway.

He was one of Phil Lesh’s early friends:

“Phil Lesh was standing in line at Cal Berkeley’s music department in 1961 when he overheard a young man, Tom Constanten by name, remark that Music stopped being created in 1750 and began again in 1950. They shook hands, and became friends for life…

from The Band (bios)

He advised about creative keyboard’s on Anthem of the Sun  and Aoxomoxoa  as well as being a touring member of the Grateful Dead from the end of 1968 to early 1970.  He felt he was underamplified!

Enjoy this selection of T.C. that you can turn up!  A few clips of his solo piano mastery, as well as him sitting in with other Dead bands.  I remember an L.A. area show or two he played with Remnants of Eden round 1996 or so… does anyone have any footage of that? 

 Love you TC, you’ve rocked my soul for many years!