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Great lines:

  • We Don’t need to be slamming people, what we need to be doing is playing music
  • In tough economic times, make the music more affordable
  • The jazz MO – state a theme and take it for a walk in the woods
  • This is adventurous music, we’re not taking a walk down memory lane, this is not a nostalgia
  • There is only so much money you need

Happycat comments:

Wow! Bob says alot in this.  I dig his tying in the concepts of the dreamtime realities, and the 2012 stuff – and he is talking this on CNBC!  He went out there into some wacky stuff, and mostly held it together with coherence.

Intersting comment on the “more personal interchange” old styledeadhead tape trading community where you know “the color of someone’s eyes” vs. just knowing thier online cyberhandle.  I hope Deadheadland helps to make the internet a friendlier place where we do get to know some new friends, and grow together over time, be more real and personal!  No one wants to download the show and listen to it in isolation – we love to share, and talk about it, and suggest our favorites and even help newbies get going.   (note: Deadheadland is not a music download site – we are a channel of information, and sometimes point out where the music is – and we are also very into  human connection through online community, )

It is a different time, “Everyday things change” as Bob said, though many of us are also from the time he talked about. The online community does make space change – distance barely matters!  Probally all part  of building towards that time after time – when was that, 2013?  Will we still need calendars?  And our cyberspace community does seem to be part of a dreamtime manifestation…

His advice to the audience of “wealthy viewers” about having enough money and having awareness that there are people hurting right now.  Wow, thanks for saying all that Bob.  See you real soon!