Last minute Tax Tips:

  • Last minute sucks.  Note to self: Don’t let it get to the last minute for next year, start record keeping tomorrow!
  • If you feel stressed while doing last minute taxes it doesn’t help, does it?
  • Take a half hour break and  do something relaxing – then come back to it all refreshed.
  • Maybe take a run or a walk? Or go to the gym?
  • Need something to listen to?

Here is where Deadheadland can help!  17 years ago today I, happycat!, went to my first Phish show.  I also think it was the first time they played in L.A.  Since it is a 4/15 show, I thought I would share it with you! 
Phish 4/15/1992 Los Angeles Variety Arts Center

I enjoyed myself that night.  But I didn’t “get it” yet – had to much of the old Deadhead comparison going on.  But was impressed that people were keeping setlists!

AND THATS NOT ALL!!!!  4/15/1999 Phil played with his phriends Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell and that was the start to the last awesome decade of Phil Lesh and Friends!  Mr. Miner writes all about it, including keen observation on the Deadhead vs. Phish Phan schiszm.And he gives you link to some awesome quality downloads.  Thank you Mr. Miner!