30 Days of Dead 2017

Day of Dead 1 – “Uncle John’s Band” – Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Civic Center | 5/26/1977

Day of Dead 2Easy Wind” – Venue? | Date?

(~);}   11/1/2017:
As in past years, Grateful Dead and are giving the Deadheads 30 Grateful Dead songs to download for free (MP3)
– one per day in the month of November – 30 Days Of Dead! 

Day 1 is an “Uncle John’s Band”  – no one knows from when or where… or do you? They have a daily contest each day to guess the date and venue – so if you really have a keen ear for knowing your Grateful Dead , maybe you can guess and win cool prizes from!  Go back each day another chance to start anew. Or, if that kind of guessing game confuses you,  just download the track and listen to the music play. We’ll be following along here at Deadheadland too!

Thank you Grateful Dead and!!!

Always Grateful

DHL | (~);} 

30 Days of the Dead 2017