Dead And Company performed a few songs  live this afternoon in a taping for the Jimmy Kimmel Live late night Television show on ABC. Dead and Company is a recently formed touring band that performs Grateful Dead music, featuring guitar player John Mayer, and three original members of the Grateful Dead, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Billy Kreutzmann, plus Jeff Chimenti from RatDog, The Dead and Phil Lesh and Friends, and Otiel Burbridge bass player from the Allman Brothers Band  and Aquarium Rescue Unit.  Dead and Comapny The show will be on at 11:30pm tonight in your local time zones.

The band played four songs as sound check, and then same four plus one more (Althea) once the audience was let in.   The show was announced a few weeks ago, and the tickets were free, thought you had to enter to get them online. While not everyone who entered received tickets, reports were that everyone who went got in to the show. While we do not know what the show will include, all of the set will most likely end up on the Jimmy Kimmel Live website http://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/video.

Dead And Company
Jimmy Kimmel Live Taping
Los Angeles, California
May 10, 2016
to be broadcast later tonight 11:30pm in most places

Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain
Not Fade Away