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Jerry Garcia Band show setlists from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s…

The Garcia Project

First  West Coast Tour
February 25 to March 2
– Northern California – 

Tickets to all five shows can be purchased in advance from the venues or at www.thegarciaproject.com.

There will be a different classic show performed each night of the run!

CALIFORNIA 2016 Winter Tour (come to all five!)
Feb. 25 • HopMonk, Sebastopol – TICKETS: goo.gl/DDuitQ
Feb. 26 • Starlite, Sacramento – TICKETS: goo.gl/gtdFov
Feb. 27 • Sweetwater, Mill Valley – TICKETS: goo.gl/yECvIO
Feb. 28 • Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz – TICKETS: goo.gl/lx7nDc
March 1 • Club Fox, Redwood City – TICKETS: goo.gl/yzxaMi

The Garcia Project’s performances are based on actual set lists performed by The Jerry Garcia Band. All of their shows are classic recreations of a Jerry Garcia Band set list from the 1970’s all the way up to the 1990’s. For anyone that never had a chance to experience the Jerry Garcia Band or for fans that want to relive a classic show, The Garcia Project delivers the goods.

With precise arrangements and the proper instrumentation and feel for any and all given eras, The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and the fans through many years of musical bliss. It’s about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another.

Official Website: www.thegarciaproject.com


The Garcia Project
features Kat Walkerson (vocals)Mik Bondy (Vocals and Guitar)Bobby Belanger (Drums)Dan Crea (Bass)Greg Marshall (Keys)

  • Recreating classic Jerry Garcia Band show set lists from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
  • Mik Bondy has crafted a full Jerry Garcia amp rig and tribute guitars to embody the tone and feel of Jerry Garcia
  • Every show has an original art poster designed by Mik Bondy
  • Every show is recorded on video and audio and uploaded to archive.org
  • The band has performed with music legend Melvin Seals of the original Jerry Garcia Band numerous times
  • Thegarciaproject.com: over 25,000 views a month
  • The Garcia Project on Social Media: Over 16,600 followers on Facebook; over 1,700 on Twitter; over 28,000 views on Youtube

More about The Garcia Project:

Mik Bondy formed The Garcia Project in October 2010 following his love for the music of The Jerry Garcia Band and that there was no other bands performing it accurately. He constructed a couple of Jerry Garcia guitars that mimic the sounds and tones form the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s along with amps and speakers that replicate Jerry Garcia’s sound. In 2011 Kat Walkerson joined the band an elevated the vocals through the roof. With her beautiful, soulful voice, her and Bondy’s vocal duets are becoming something of legend. The band also features Bobby Belanger on drums, Dan Crea on bass guitar and Greg Marshal on keyboards. All of the members strive to emulate the sounds, playing style and feel of any given era of The Jerry Garcia Band. Some have said that The Garcia Project is the D.S.O (Dark Star Orchestra) of J.G.B.

With classic Jerry Garcia Band arrangements of “I Second That Emotion”, “How Sweet It Is”, “Catfish John” and more, the band caters to mainstream audiences and family as well as capturing the hearts of Grateful Dead fans. “If you close your eyes you’ll swear you are at a Jerry Garcia Band Show” was penned in an early review of the band and is echoed by many new fans at each show. And, not only is this a tribute band, it is a great band with incredible chemistry and musicianship.

Melvin Seals performs from time to time with that band through Kat Walkerson. Kat was chosen to perform a few shows signing with Melvin Seals and JGB before she joined The Garcia Project. Melvin has become a friend of the band and enjoys what The Garcia Project brings to the table.

The Garcia Project’s Mik Bondy is also a visual artist and creates unique works of art for each show poster. The Band happily signs and sells the posters in quantity after each performance. The Band also has sought after T-shirts and stickers that often sell out at each show.

The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and the fans through many years of musical bliss. It’s about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another.