Michael Franti
“Sound of Sunshine”
(plus behind the scenes photos from the 2011 Venice Beach video shoot).

I used to live in Venice, California, just a couple short blocks from the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. Back in 2011… I was having a down day, decided to go for a walk in the sun to cheer myself up.

Who do I see walking down the Venice Boardwalk? One of my real heroes, Michael Franti! One of the most POSITIVE HUMANS on the planet – talk about cheering me up! Michael Franti always makes me feel better.

He was with a full production crew in tow, shooting a music video for “Sound of Sunshine”. Anyway, it really made my day. Helped me to stay human. I ran home, grabbed my camera, and then came back and followed them around, which no one seemed to mind. Here are a few of my shots from that day…