Posted by Jason’s sister Shannon on Grateful Doe community page on Facebook

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. For everyone on this Facebook page as well as all the Websleuths and people on reddit who followed this case adamantly. Had I not found the post and Reddit pages in January, I would have never known that my brother Jason was still missing, or what happened to him. Thanks to you all I was able to talk to Jason’s mom and find out more about my brother who I haven’t seen since I was a young girl. I also would have never known about an unidentified body in Virginia. Thanks to all your hard work I was able to submit my dna and that’s what confirmed Jason’s identity. I ask that you all keep Jason’s mom in your prayers as she is hurting more than anyone ever should. God bless you all & thank you for helping me get some closure.

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And another post from his sister Erin:

**A Statement posted on the Grateful Doe FB page by Jason Callahan’s Half Sister**

Hello, I have been following this post for some time. I am the oldest of Jason’s 4 half siblings. I submitted my DNA last month to the Morris County Sheriffs Office in NJ. The VA medical examiner has already notified Jason’s mother and just called me. The swabs taken from my sister Shannon and I matched. 100% certainty this is him. They are trying to get his cremated remains to his mother before Christmas. Thank you to all who have helped solve this case, especially the main admin.

On another note, just to clarify, we did not grow up with Jason. He was around when I was little, but my last memories of him were from when I was 6, maybe 7. His mother and my father were married before my parents (obviously). She had custody and with my fathers permission, she, Jason and my half sister Lisa moved to S.C. I do not know the circumstances as to why we didn’t keep in touch. We were so young. I have seen some imply that how can we not have known our brother was missing? Well now you know. The 6,7,8…etc year old me didn’t get to know him. Our father has passed and so many questions I have will remain unanswered, but I am happy that Jason’s mother has some closure. Thank you again!

-Erin (Callahan) Getto-