In a true life tale  of the Grateful Dead, Jason Callahan can now rest in peace.

An unidentified body found in a car wreck in Virginia, 1995…

He’s called Grateful Doe, because he was wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt and had two tickets to their show in his pants pocket the day he died.

No one claimed his body…

For years variations of this flyer circulated through show parking lots, festival campgrounds, and deadhead social media.


No one knew him.

But many persisted, and were determined to help honor this poor  soul, to find out who he was, to bring the news of his passing to his family, to bring his earthly remains, home.


A missing Myrtle Beach man who came to be known as Grateful Doe and went missing in Virginia in 1995 has been identified.

According to family, they got the call today that through DNA evidence the person killed in Virginia in a car wreck was their son Jason Callahan.

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While his family is not making any further comment,  we do know now who he is, and his family knows what happened, and I’m sure they know so many Deadheads tried to be help on the way; may they find peace in that.

To all of those that cared enough to spread the word… You’re kindness is beautiful.  Thanks for bringing a little light.

Jason Callahan, sorry you missed the show that night brother. May the four winds blow you safely home.