Jerry Garcia Birthday - Grateful Dead  8.1.1994 The Palace - Auburn MI - "Satisfaction"

Jerry Garcia Birthday – Grateful Dead 8.1.1994 The Palace – Auburn MI – “Satisfaction”

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“On the day that I was born
Daddy sat down and cried…”

We all miss Jerry.

Today, on Jerry Garcia’s 73rd birthday, we celebrate his life and spirit, and the time he was with us, and all the music and love that he shared.

And so begins Jerry week, the journey of remembrance and joyous celebration, of the man who brought us all together, Jerry, the reluctant leader of our Grateful Dead family. Celebrate our life together. Celebrate this community. It’s rather amazing! So glad YOU made it!

August 2nd through 8th, the Days Between will have many songs to fill the air. Where ever you are, find people to be with and listen to Jerry, or to the music inspired by him.

“If all you got to live for
is what you left behind
get yourself a powder charge
and seal that silver mine”

If there are people you love, who are in your life because of this music, because of Jerry, let them know how much you love them, and are grateful for their presence in your life. We never forget the loved ones not here anymore, but please cherish those here now. Jerry is gone, but love is real, and it will not fade away. The magic is alive… it’s you and me.

“I lost my boots in transit babe
A pile of smoking leather
Nailed a retread to my feet
and prayed for better weather”

August 9th, 4:23am…
Mourning Due.
He sang a little while and then flew off….

We’re still here. We will survive, we will get by… Inspiration! Move us brightly!
Thank you Jerry. We miss you, And the music has never stopped…

Thank you to all my Deadhead friends and family. I love you more than words can tell. Thank you Jerry, for introducing me to some of the best people ever.

– happycat!
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