Previously we shared an excerpt from the Digital Edition of Rosie McGee’s Dancing With the Dead: A Photographic Memoir

Her book is also available in a Print Edition – a real book you can hold in your hands! You can get the hardcover from Amazon and other online sellers, or request it in your local bookstore (support local business!)

You can also get a signed copy direct from Rosie McGee herself at!

Meet Rosie! Special event TONIGHT (July 31, 2014) Rosie McGee LIVE IN PERSON In Petaluma California sharing pictures, telling stories, and signing books, With Music By THE INCUBATORS Featuring STU ALLEN.
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Here is an excerpt from the PRINT Edition of Dancing With the Dead: A Photographic Memoir. From Chapter Five, Central Park, New York, 1968, (print edition), text & photos © Rosie McGee.

A couple of days later, the Dead and the Airplane joined the Paul Butterfield Blues Band for a free concert in the Central Park band shell. The bands played a great concert to an ecstatic and packed audience that danced and screamed with joy all afternoon. The photos I took on that trip to New York are some of my favorites.

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