Phil Lesh and The Terrapin Family Band with Stu Allen and Jason Crosby

The Grate Room, Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA
Friday, May 16, 2014

El Paso (RJ)>
Shakedown Street (SA)
Friend Of The Lithium (FOTD set to Lithium melody from Nirvana) (JC)
Up On Cripple Creek (GL)
Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud (RJ)
Help On The Way (SA)>
Slipknot! >
Deal (SA)
Heaven’s Ladder (Beck) (JC)
Unbroken Chain (PL)>
Viola Lee Blues (PL, GL, SA)>
Midnight Rider (GL, AK)>,
Viola Lee Blues 2 (PL, GL, SA)*>
I Know You Rider (PL, GL, SA)*>
Into The Mystic (SA)>
Slipknot! >
Unbroken Chain 2 (PL)

Donor Rap pl
show dedicated to friend (Louie Lardo) who died for lack of organ donor

Franklin’s Tower (PL)*

*With Boo Reiner on banjo

Setlist by Professor Intern John P.
More setlist details including sound check, timing and teases… Supplied by @jmusser

Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band w Stu Allen and Jason Crosby

Sound checks
Unbroken Chain
Viola lee
I know you rider
Viola (jam)
Lithium (Nirvana song) (Jc)
Shakedown. (Start- first verses)
(Ross James) El Paso ending into
Shakedown start.  (Take 2)
Take 3
Take 4
Just working out the timing of the transition.
7:29 Phil noodling
7:35 doors
Phil noodling again.
8:17. Pre show announcement.

Stu Allen
Ross James
Graham Lesh
Alex Koford
Jason Crosby
Phil Lesh

8:51 Shakedown 9:05

FOTD. (to nirvana’s Lithium)  (jc) (jc on acoustic)
Cripple Creek 9:18 (gl)
9:20. Get Offa My Cloud (rj)
9:36  Help On the Way (sa)
9:39. Deal  (sa)
9:46  (Jc on keys) song??
9:53. Unbroken Chain (pl)
10:00. Viola Lee
10:04. Midnite Rider (ak)
10:11. Boo comes on
 Viola Lee
10:13. (Henry tease)
I Know You Rider
10:23. Viola Lee
10:27  (The Wheel tease)
10:30 Into the Mystic (sa)
10:35 slip knot?
10:39. Unbroken. (Reprise/last verse?)  10:45
(short break)
10:50. Donor Rap (pl)
Franklins. 10:59