Terrapin Nation Passover Seder
with Lebo & The Terrapin Family Band
& the Terrapin Seder Committee

Terrapin Family Band: Phil Lesh, Grahame Lesh, Alex Koford, Ross MF James
& special guests Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Jeannette Ferber

Seder Committee:
Cheryl & John Provost, Jeannette & Cory Ferber, Owen 82 Rosenberg, Brian HC Markovitz, Ross MF James

Seder – Grate Room
Welcome – pl
Introduction and explination of the seder – jf
Responsive reading – rj
Candle Blessings – cp jf & everyone
1st Cup of Wine blessing – bm >
Shehekianu – bm
Hand Washing – jf bm
Karpas – gl or
Yachatz cp dl
The Four Questions – Wyatt Rosenberg

The Story of Passover – pl
The Plagues – rj & everyone
The End of the Story – pl
Dayenu jf & everyone
2nd Cup of Wine – cp
Rachtzah (hand washing) cp
Matzoh Hamotzi cf (english) bm (hebrew)
Maror bm
Korech or
Shulchan Ahruch (the Egg) jf & everyone

The Meal – prepared by the Terapin kitchen, enjoyed by everyone
Hard Boiled Egg
Fresh Horse Radish

Matzoh Ball Soup
Cauliflower Kuggle
Mashed Potato
Braised Asparagus & Brocoli

After the Meal
Tzaffon – jf
– Phil bargained with the youngster who found the Afikomen, and they settled on her pick of whatever she wanted from the Terrapin merch counterAfikomen finder
Barech (blessings after the meal) jf
3rd Cup of Wine
– Elijah bm
– Blessing jf
– Filling Elijah & Miriam’s cups – everyone
– Eliahu Hanavi – jf and everyone
4th cup of Wine blessing – jf
Nirtzah (conclusion) everyone

Desert (in the bar):
Chocolate Covered Macaroons

Music – Grate Room
The Wheel pl >
Exodus dl
Go Down Moses (Let My People Go) dl >
Samson & Delilah rmfj
I Wanna Feel It dl
Hallel (traditional Passover Psalm to the tune of Leonard Cohens “Hallelujah”) – sung by Jeannette Ferber
We Shall Overcome – dl >
Eyes Of the World pl >
New Minglewood Blues rmfj
The Promised Land rmfj
Knockin’ On Heavens Door dl >
Helpless (to the tune of Knockin’ On Heavens Door) dl >
Knockin’ On Heavens Door

Encore: Touch of Grey ak