Train Wrecks!
What was the WORST Grateful Dead show (or song) you ever saw, and why?

Is it on YouTube or Archive?  Would be great to check it out, see if it is as bad as your memory sez…
I think it is so subjective – but there are some obvious standouts!  Let’s explore the train wrecks today!

Not meaning to be negative here… just everyone talks about these HORRIBLE shows.  Let’s have fun with it, take a little trip down bad memory lane.  It’s good to not take any of it too seriously.  Let’s have a laugh or two!   Share your stories please!
steal your wreck

The worst moment I ever witnessed was Bobby’s Nokia meltdown (El Doso?) on 7.28.2010.  Wow!  Check out the video, there is no question he lost it there!  Not hating on Bob, by any means, and I saw him kick ass two days later at Gathering of the Vibes.  And as of late, the Bob is on fire!  I do hope he can see this and laugh too.  (Interestingly, it is the most viewed Furthur video on YouTube.)

Just to be fair – here is Bob solo a year later doing just fine with the song!

So what’s your favorite Train Wreck? Please share in the comments section!!!