Here is the recent video, where he mentions Deadheadland:

He mentions Deadheadland at 00:35 and shows the post at 00:42
and then – he blows us off at 03:18!

One of my long time personal favorites bands, is DEVO!  The “suit”, Greg Scholl, COO of Devo, Inc. (and President, Local Media Platforms at NBC Universal) specifically replied to Deadheadland’s rudely devolved comments.  Nice Comeback Johnny ! You did not shrivel-up!

And, he announced: Devo will be playing at the Olympics, broadcast on NBC! 
Good to have mutants in high places!

Recently, the Spudboys had this  “Suit” post their new message on their YouTube DEVOvision channel.  I enjoyed the message, and Devo has always had a Corporate  anthem, so I was not really offended. Though as a rep of Deadheadland, I gave a rudely devolved response (see image below).  

Here is the first video:

 …my original response:


I blame my rudeness on a Swelling Itching Brain caused by Space Junk.

I look forward to the broadcast in DEVOvision!  If it is embeddable, I will play it here!

The primary focus at Deadheadland is Grateful Dead related music, and music of the “jamband” genre.  But you know that I will occasionally throw you a curve ball, something out of the genre.  I have been accused of “promoting my own taste” – i.e posting about bands I like.  So be it!  There is still always a GD connection – And… here is some DEVO for DEADHEADS (or not!):

Devo – Morning Dew

Deadheadland is Gratefully DEVO-ted! Awaiting furthur transmisions.  and how is Nu-tra?