Do you know Moonalice? They are LEGEND!!!

Check them out, you wont be sorry.  Great music and amazing musicians, and its always growing and new.  See their website here at and learn of the legend of Moonalice…

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And they do awesome posters for each and every show.  Here is the one for tonight at Dead On The Creek in Willits, CA.  You can see more of their posters on TwitPics

They are also on Facebook  and Twitter (and are pioneers in Twittercasting their shows almost live!)

Several alumni of Deadheadland’s favorite bands are in the band:

G.E. Smith – Sat. Night Live Band, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates
Barry Sless – Phil Lesh, David Nelson Band
Pete Sears -Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna
Ann McNamee – Ann Atomic, Flying Other Brothers
Roger McNamee – Flying Other Brothers
John Molo – Bruce Hornsby, Other Ones, Phil Lesh & Friends
Jack Casady – Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna

If you are in the Southern California area, and especially if you are Cubensis fans, Cubensis’ guitarist Nate LaPointe will be joining Moonalice at their show at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach on August 30th and 31st.

You can join the Moonalice Flight Crew (like a Street team, but higher?)

And the legend continues….