This is a service provided by Deadheadland for the Grateful Dead community.  I am not the band, or an official representative.   I am – a Dead Head.  I’m known ’round here as happycat! >^.^<

I have been tweeting the setlist at @Deadheads since The Dead Spring Tour 2009. I was inspired by what @phish did during their Hampton comeback a month before the Dead tour started. The lovelight turned on for me, twitter was for small bits of information that a select group of people want right nowlike setlists for deadheads! Live, song by song in the moment they are being played, for the people who are not there at the show.  I had already been playing with Twitter, but I didn’t understand it and I did not know what it could do until then…  Thank you Phish for showing me the light, in the strangest of places!  (and the light is growing brighter now…)

I originally thought the band (The Dead) might *want* me to do this on their behalf (and maybe throw me a ticket now and then), but I got no response from several emails to what I thought were the right people (back in March/April 2009).

I decided to do it anyway, on my own, with the spirit of setlisters and tapers that came before me.  And the response I have received since then has been incredible .

I tweeted EVERYTHING done by The Dead in 2009, through the Rothbury Music Festival (which as of now, so far, was the last ever performance of The Dead, 7.4.2009).  I also did a few RatDog shows, a DSO set or two… and maybe some randomness, though I do my best to keep @Deadheads DEAD  – though with @deadheadland I have the freedom to go anywhere (including festivals, Phish, Springsteen, ALO, Mother Hips, and many other bands and cover bands – whatever I’m into that day!)

And, as of 9/18/2009 – I have tweeted *virtually* EVERY Furthur song ever in their history (with a lot of help from a lot of friends); maybe a few mis-called songs, though not many!

Furthur started their own tweeting at the start of their 2nd year, @furthurband. I considered stopping at that point, and abdicating… but the overwhelming response from my followers was TO KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON! So I do.

Most shows I source my own people for setlist (and my own ears when I am there) – but on occasion have used the “official” tweet as source – especially on the new songs! I consider their tweeter a friend, and respected colleague, and am grateful to tweet along side.

As many ask, it was initially disappointing I wasn’t asked to do the job for Furthur (Lord knows I need a paying gig!*)… but then I realized this: The Dead Head land scape is bigger than Furthur!

I have tweeted setlists for many 7 Walkers, Rhythm Devils, and Mickey Hart Band shows; and of course some other projects by Bob or Phil (like First Fusion, and Philharmonia). I have also used @deadheads for specific tribute events that seem fitting (the Seva and Rex benefit shows). It is a rare exception for me to tweet from @deadheads anything that does not have one of the core four involved.

Deadheadland (in all it’s online incarnations) is GD Information Overload! Plus many other bands, festivals, etc. Like trying to fit the ocean in a 6 ounce cup.  It’s all rock n roll to me! Deadheadland is also an overtly commercial enterprise on my part.**

On the other hand. @deadheads provides setlist and specific GD news only, streamlined and specific and mostly non-commercial***. I provide this as more or less a service, like setlisters and tapers of yore… my giving back to the community I love with all my ♥.

I don’t know why I waited so long to connect it to a Facebook page of it’s own (for those that want setlists, but not all the other stuff on DHL).
But here it is now:
<– like this!

So glad YOU made it.

always grateful (~);}

and from deep down…. THANK YOU JERRY!  (it’s always been all about Jerry!)

* will tweet for food – need a gig, really.  hook a brother up!
** we all got to eat; takes all I got just to stay on the beat.
*** I don’t get paid to tweet setlists, and I will not send out ads on @deadheads though  I realize it does still promote DeadHeadLand.  I might grovel for tickets on occasion.