Neal Casal, guitar player from Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and leader of Circles Around the Sun (CATS), sat in for the 2nd set of “Ross James Cosmic Thursday”, which happens most Thursday nights at Terrapin Crossroads.

Neil’s band, Circles Around the Sun, performs at Terrapin Crossroads tonight and tomorrow, but we are glad he dropped in a might early!

Full set included some Bob Dylan (Tom Thumbs Blues)  and Grateful Dead (Cassidy), but the surprise highlight of the night was this cover of Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire”, Pete Lavezzoli (drummer from JGB) handling the vocals, with Neal Casal, Ross James, and Ben Knight jamming out the Robert Fripp guitar parts. Fripp played on Eno’s original recording of the track. Lavezzoli let me know that Eno was a huge fan of  early Velvet Underground, and the Fripp solo was a take on Lou Reed’s sound.

Baby’s On Fire ~ Pete Lavezzoli vocals; Ross James Cosmic Thursday wsg Neal Casal July 27 2017 Terrapin Crossroads Bar show Ross James, Scott Padden, Ben Knight, Pete Lavezzoli, Neal Casal

Baby’s On Fire

The original Brian Eno “Baby’s On Fire”

Full 2nd set from Ross James Cosmic Thursday wsg Neal Casal: