Bob Weir w Alone and Together 3/2/2017: 

“Alone and Together”
Featuring: Kevin Morby, Sam Cohen, Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats), Joe Russo (Almost Dead) and Josh Kaufman
Thursday Mar 2, 2017
Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley California


Near the end of the 1st set, Bob Weir joined the band on guitar and vocals. 

Only A River
Bird Song
Lay My Lily Down
Stella Blue

A refreshing night of mostly original music, created by three singer songwriters, supported by a groovy smooth  rhythm section, Kaufman on bass and Russo on drums. 

Of course many were there because of Bob Weir’s announced sit in, which was solid fun and worth the ticket price… But the performance of these musicians was worthy of its own, so the entire evening was extremely enjoyable, with the bonus of Bob! 

Eric D Johnson while I was not familiar with his songs, clearly many in the room were. Very clear voice with rhythm and tone, thoughtful lyrics. Guitars and vocals. 

Sam Cohen samcohenmusic my big wow of the night was Sam Cohen! His guitar playing grabbed me, slinky soulful, and psychedelicly noisy when it needed it. He really lit the Bird Song with Weir! Great vocals and songs too. There’s a War was a particular stand out. 

Kevin Morby keyboards, banjo, guitars, vocals. Super energy at the keys, and a sweet voice with a lot of range and different feels.  

Joe Russo joeyjoeyrusso of course we all know Joe Russo from Furthur,  JRAD, Benevento-Russo Duo, Shpongle, Phil Lesh and Friends, and dozens of others. As always, Joey was on the beat like no other, with smooth precision. His performance was perfectly understated and supportive of the variety of songs heard. Drums backing vocals. 

Josh Kaufman Josh_Kaufman_(musician) what a groovy player Josh is, his bass playing held it all together for each different song style. This guy has fun at work. 

Bob Weir it’s good to see Bob! His playing and vocals were great, focused and sharp. 

While the band had struggled a little bit with the infamous  chatter noise reverberating from the Sweetwater back bar, and Eric Johnson even politely said “S. T. F. U.”, when Bob Weir came out he joked that “it wasn’t a solo acoustic performance, so yack it up” ~ at which point the crowd laughs and then goes almost silent! Hilarious sequel to Bob’s famous STFU

This line up, sans Weir, will have 2 more shows, and you won’t be disappointed!

Saturday March 4th in Los Angeles, The Sanctuary at Pico-Union Project Tickets 

Sunday March 5th in San Francisco, The Chapel Tickets  
Sweet Nothin