Thanks to Chico Harris on Deadheadland!

45 years ago tonight at the Matrix in San Francisco:

David and The Dorks
David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart.

“These rare recordings, from an afternoon rehearsal and a evening live show, capture this unique configuration performing a variety of Dead, Byrds and Crosby material with pretty good sound considering the casual nature of the get-together. The afternoon session is a great, fly-on-the-wall band rehearsal, as Crosby leads the Dead core through arrangements of ‘Eight Miles High’ and ‘Cowboy Movie.”

00:00 Alabama Bound (4:10)
04:10 Eight Miles High (6:06)
10:16 Cowboy Movie (10:00)
20:16 Wall Song (16:30)
36:46 Bertha (15:07)
51:53 Bird Song (3:33)

Live at the Matrix

0:55:26 Drop Down Mama (4:17)
0:59:43 Cowboy Movie (9:53)
1:09:36 Triad (9:51)
1:19:27 Wall Song (7:54)
1:27:21 Bertha (4:14)
1:31:35 Deep Elem Blues (7:27)
1:39:02 Motherless Children (8:56)
1:47:58 Laughing (10:23)

David and the Dorks