ED. NOTE 8.13.2014: Tim Flannery has chosen to take his note about Bob down from Facebook, stating he shouldn’t have shared it. DHL understands his reasons for sharing it, to let those who care about Bob know something… and that is the same reason we shared it here. If this were on Tim’s personal page we wouldn’t have seen it, but he posted it to his band’s page, Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe, and as such, we treated it as public information (as did other publication’s like Jambands and JamBase) – and fans are seeking news, and we were happy to share something on a positive note. We are not wanting to spread any rumors, misinformation, or push to deeply into Bob Weir’s private life.

People have been calling and writing to DHL asking about Bob, and truthfully, we know very little more than has been published – and DHL will not spread rumors.

Also receiving lots of calls is Bob Weir’s friend – Tim Flannery, SF Giants 3rd Base Coach & Musician… Flannery posted a message from Bob on his band’s Facebook page yesterday.

Via Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe on Facebook

Bobby Weir tonight cancelled all of his shows with Ratdog for the next year, Rolling Stone came out with lots of rumored stories. I emailed The Chief tonight this was his response, for those that have asked.

“Thnx, I’m doing fine, just a bit too much work and especially travel. This year has been especially busy; I’ve put in more miles in the first six months than I normally do in a year. Taking some time off, which I haven’t done in 50 years…”