Terrapin Nation Hanukah Celebration
November 27 2013
Terrapin Crossroads
Living Room
San Rafael California

After sunset, approx. 4:40pm:

Hanukkah Blessings – Ross James and Jeannette Ferber, English by Phil Lesh
Story of Hanukkah – read by Phil Lesh

dinner in the restaurant that night featured a Latke appetizer, Brisket over noddles with cooked carrots, and Sufganiyah


Terrapin Family Band with Phil Lesh (approx. 8:30pm)
Terrapin Crossroads
Bar Show
San Rafael, California
Ross James, Grahame Lesh, Alex Koford, Phil Lesh

tuning >
Mountains of the Moon > pl
All Along The Watchtower segue tease
Unbroken Chain pl
Franklins Tower pl

Phil thanked the band and us, and wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah!

Scott Padden took overon bass, and the band played until 10:30 or so…
. For the rest of the setlist see http://grahamelesh.com/  (if it is not up yet, it will be!)