Happycat and Jani sing Touch of Grey with David Martin Band - TXR Prom - Photo by John Provost

Happycat and Jani join the David Martin band for “Touch of Grey” – photo by John Provost

TXR Prom  (2)Terrapin Crossroads Prom
Sat. June 29, 2013
Terrapin Crossroads
San Rafael, CATXR Prom - photos by MarkoVision for DHL (5)

The Terrapin Prom with it’s theme, a Dark Starry Night, was quite the event!   To see all the hippies and TXR regulars, all dressed in their tuxedoes and gowns – these were the buckled up kids!  There was also quite a few non-regulars, local San Rafalians and Marinites who came to the Prom for the sake of the Prom.   It added just the right amount of normal to make it really weird.

We arrived and had  cocktails, and gawked at each other in our finery.  Then our gracious hosts, Phil and Jill Lesh arrived – Jill beautifully elegant in her gown, and Phil wearing a coat and tails with some illuminating appliques and studded art.  Was it a Nudie?  We TXR Prom - photos by MarkoVision for DHL (16)feasted!

TXR Prom  (15)Then Phil led a conga line from the banquet on the back patio into the Grate room, where we rocked out to the tight sounds of the David Martin House Party!  This band was good, better than we expected, and they rolled out the hits, as expected.  The first real surprise was when they actually did a segue from “Lovelight” into “Jessica” – no shit!  David Martin did a serviceable rendition of the iconic lead on that Allman Brothers tune, and then they went back “> Lovelight”.

TXR Prom - photos by MarkoVision for DHL (10)To conclude a long sweaty set, they pulled out the Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey”.   And then…. this really happened, towards the last couple verses, they handed ME the mic, pulled me onstage and I was singing  – me, Happycat, singing “Touch” on stage in the Grate Room at Terrapin Crossroads!   My date Jani was onstage already rocking the lead blow-up guitar, so she came and joined me on the chorus.  My buddy told me Phil and Jill were on the floor boogying down while we sang.  Unbelievable!  In fact, if there was not photographic evidence, I would have thought I hallucinated it!  It was a great night, really one of the most unusual ever at Terrapin  – weird in it’s normalness!

David Martin’s House Party band (http://www.davidmartinshouseparty.com/)

(approximately 8:00-11)

Pretty Woman > (Roy Orbison)
You Got It  (Roy Orbison)
I Want You Back (Jackson 5)
Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)
Take The A Train (Duke Ellington)
Super Freak (Rick James)
Turn On Your Lovelight > (Bobby Bland)
Jessica > (Allman Brothers Band)
Turn On Your Lovelight 
Rollin’ In the Deep (Adelle)
? (some hip hop tune we didn’t like)
Good Lovin’ > (The Young Rascals)
Twist and Shout > (Phil Medley/Bert Russell)
La Bamba  (Richie Valens)
Brown Sugar  (Rolling Stones) (you shoulda seen Phil dancing like Mick Jagger to this – priceless) 
Poker Face – (Lady Gaga)
Touch Of Grey (Happycat on vocals last verse, Jani B. guitar and vocals)

(setlist by happycat!)

After that set, we all went to the bar, and saw this set with Phil Lesh and The Terrapin Family Band

Phil Lesh – bass, vocals
Grahame Lesh – guitar, vocals
Brian Lesh – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Ross James – guitar, vocals
Alex Koford – drums, vocals
Emily Sunderland – vocals

11:30pm – 12:45am

Big Railroad Blues rj
Althea bl
Brown Eyed Women gl, pl
Up on Cripple Creek gl, bl
Loose Lucy ak
El Paso (rj) rj
Ramble on Rose bl
Squeaky Wheel gl, bl, ak, es
Samson & Delilah rj
Ripple pl, gl, bl

Phil announces the King & Queen of the Prom!

Phil set list compiled by Rob Scalcione
Because the Phans want to know