tri weir here
Weir Here Over There June 12 , 2013 TXR

Black Throated Wind (BW solo)
Easy To Slip Weir & Wasserman Jay lane joins
El Paso BW JCrosby, JL.DS LM
Deep Elum Blues all above + Jeff C
Catfish John”

to the couch

Chasing The Thrill Leslie M. solo
Jericho LM,Wasserman, Crosby
The Way I Feel J. Wilson Band
Natural Rhapsody JW
Last Leaves Of Autumn Beth Orton solo
Oooh Child Beth
Sugar Boy Beth ,Wasserman, Sam
Call Me the Breeze Beth ,Wasserman , JC 2x,JL,Jeff


New Minglewood Blues >(all except Beth)
Easy Answers
Ramble On Rose
Come Together

Setlist Scribe: Erin. L. of DHL and FOJC
Playin ‘ In The Band