Bob Weir and Jonathan Wilson - Tuscon 2.27.2013 photo by Derek Eitel edited by happycat!

Bob 2/27/13 review by Brian Miller of DHL

Before I review the actual show, a few words about the venue crowd etc. The crowd was much older… Tucson theatre types. The room is GRRRRREAT!!!! Orig 1929 but completely renovated and reopened 2006. Amazing front of house sound system absolutely perfect for this. Probably the most “civilized” show I’ve ever been to. Polite respectful crowd. Same for the staff. If you ever want a very nice “adult” evening. This is the place. Ideal for this format, but toooo sterile for pretty much anything else GD related.

The show itself…. Bob was in pretty good form both vocally and on the guitar. The vocal flubs….desolation row and the last verse of Jack Starw he was jumping the watchman again…lol, and I think he skipped a vrs of Easy Answers…cuz i was waiting for “You don’t have to say a word, you got dick to say” and it never came.

At any rate for the most part a good outing for the chief. His playing thru the songs was generally pretty solid (he got thru the weather report pretty well). tho there were a couple trips that went of the rails a bit when he’d try to get fancy and open the songs up/solo.

The Winners, Hard Rain, Easy Answers, were for me personal faves. My first easy Answers since 07!!! YAY!!! and first The Winners I’ve caught since 99 I think WOW!!!
The Dark Star showed no signs of needing to be aborted. Whatever was wrong, they fixed it!

Come Together I’m usually not a big fan of. But the first two verses of this were VERY well sang. tho it got kinda rough after they both tried to come in on the V3 vox.

So, overall, for solo Bob…prolly an 8 in my book. Nine and tens just don’t happen too often.

A note on Johnathon Wilson…. He has some pretty decent chops. But what is even more impressive is, HE LISTENS WELL!!!!! He is good at sliding in and out of the lead roll and countering/accenting whatever weird path Bob would take things on. Some very good interplay going on between them*. This will lend itself well to him being with Ratdog. Oh and BTW he did a very respectable job of “Sing Me Back Home”.

So there’s my .02 and then some. Wonderful evening!

Bob Weir Solo
with Jonathan Wilson
Fox Theatre
Tuscon Arizona
Wednesday February 27th, 2013

Jonathan Wilson’s set (incomplete)
Gentle Spirit
Magic Everywhere
Moses Payne
Sing Me Back Home

Bobby in jam out of JW set*

Bob Weir Solo

Jack Straw
Big Bad Blues
The Winners
Desolation Row
Me and My Uncle
Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall
Weather Report Suit Part I >
Let it Grow

~break ~

Bob Weir & Jonathan Wilson:

Duck Joke
New Minglewood Blues
Catfish John
Dark Star v1 >
Come Together >
Dark Star v2
Easy Answers

E: Bertha

Setlist support provided by @Deitel10 and @SailingCane and Brian Miller