Jackie Greene
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
Sat. Nov. 24, 2012

9:00pm – 9:45pm Jackie Greene
Brokedown Emotion (solo acoustic)
Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
I’m Never Satisfied
I’m So Gone (w/Bruce Spencer on drums)
A Moment of Temporary Color (w/Bruce)
Don’t Let Me Down (w/Bruce)
Uphill Mountain (w/Bruce)

10:00pm- 10:25pm Jackie & Bob Weir acoustic
Friend of the Devil bw
I Ain’t Broke, but I’m Badly Bent jgre
Easy to Slip bw (Weir dedicates “as always to Lowell George”)
U.S. Blues bw, jgre (w/Phil Lesh on background vocals)

10:45pm – 11:35pm Jackie and his keyboardist Steve Taylor w/Phil Lesh, Grahame Lesh, Brian Lesh, Mark Karan, John Molo
Shakedown Street jgre >
New Speedway Boogie jgre, gl
Happy Birthday to Jackie all (w/Cake & Orange & Black balloon drop!)
I Know You Rider all
Dire Wolf bl
So Many Roads jgre

12:05am – 1:20am Jackie band w/Bruce Spencer on drums, Mark Karan, Danny Louis on keys
Bennie & The Jets jgre, st
It Takes a lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry mk, bw (w/Bob Weir)
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More nathan
Rock Your Papa mk
Sugaree sgb, st (w/Sunshine Garcia Becker)
After Midnight jgre, sgb (w/Sunshine Garcia Becker, Gabe Nelson on bass)
Brown Sugar jgre (w/Sunshine)
E: Hallelujah (Jackie solo on keyboards)

set list by Rob Scalcione